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We all have a distinct memory of Robin Williams. In his long-spanning career, he touched lives, young and old. Had he died of cancer, a heart attack or Parkinson’s disease with which he had recently been diagnosed, it would still have been tragic. However, he died in a personal and more painful way. We’re not used to talking about this disease. This disease doesn’t manifest itself in the usual way. His hair wasn’t falling out. He hadn’t lost weight. There were no signs – as far as the general public was concerned. Or, were there?

Robin Williams had spoken very openly about his issues.We knew he suffered from severe depression as well as drug and alcohol addiction. He joked about it, but we didn’t see the seriousness. All we got was a glimpse of the zany person who kept us entertained. When someone commits suicide, it is natural to feel some form of responsibility. Even though most of us didn’t know Mr. Williams personally, he was part of our lives. So why didn’t we see it? Why did he do it?

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